The art of raising frequency elevates consciousness inspires enhanced wellbeing deepens connection with our true self awakens infinite potential supports self empowerments promotes powerful self-healing capabilities anchors positive energies of love, joy and unity into this world



“Barbara Evans’ work is in a class by itself.  Her mandalas are magical and release the creativity and spirit of all who become involved with them.  They are beautiful and interactive… they pull you in, and then return you to the world better than you were before entry.”        Leland Kaiser… Health Futurist

Barbara has been guided to create a unique vibrational healing system, “The Art of Raising Frequency™”, to support the elevation of consciousness,  which in turn deepens the connection with our inner essence, helps unlock our Full Potential and innate healing abilities, and brings more Peace, Joy and Abundance into the world.

“The Art of Raising Frequency™”, is founded upon the Image Keys … stunningly beautiful paintings which radiate powerful, beneficial energies derived from sacred geometry, crystals, sound and color. The Image Keys raise the vibrational frequency of any space in which they are placed, inviting us to raise our Consciousness, promoting Balance, Joy and Wellbeing within our lives. The Image Keys carry messages beyond the logic of words, speaking directly to the heart and soul.

The Art of Raising Frequency and Complementary Healthcare

“The Art of Raising Frequency” offers tremendous possibilities for enhancing patient experience, emotional wellbeing, and self-healing. Some of these possibilities are now being tested in selected patient populations, using a variety of energetic tools based on “The Art of Raising Fequency”. For instance, a group of patients experiencing continuous, chronic pain found Barbara’s art and coloring journal to offer far more than simply a distraction from pain – their pain ceased to be the single focus of their lives!


Renowned author and speaker,  Dannion Brinkley,  is famous for his  amazing work with veterans, and has  become a strong supporter of  Barbara’s work as a complementary  healing approach for PTSD.

Dannion  writes as follows:


“When I met, and asked Barbara to put her paintings in my office, at the VA Hospital, I had no earthly idea what kind of change in frequency they would create. But the next day, when I returned to my office, I stepped into an energy that was positively out of this world! The office was filled with a light that was crisp and fresh. A remarkable transformation had occurred due to the healing energies of Barbara’s paintings. I am a believer, for sure, and Barbara’s work represents the tangible emergence of the vibrationary energetic reality we all are living in today. Just try it…you’ll love it.”

Dannion Brinkley: co-founder of The Twilight Brigade, Compassion in Action and NY Times best-selling author of, Saved by the Light, At Peace in the Light, and Secrets of the Light